About Benya Clark

My top posts and more.

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My Most Popular Posts …

… About Sobriety

  1. Why Biden Doesn’t Drink Alcohol
  2. How an Alcoholic Thinks About Drinking
  3. My First Three Days Sober

… About Mental Health

  1. Don’t Mistake Depression Symptoms for “Laziness”
  2. How Social Anxiety Can Reinforce Itself
  3. The Mistake That Brought Back My Depression

… About Running

  1. How to Run a 25-Minute 5k
  2. The Running Drill That Shaved 5 Minutes Off My 5k
  3. How to Run a 30-Minute 5k

… About Everything Else

  1. A Caffeine Withdrawal Timeline
  2. Three Famous Poetry Books That Entered the Public Domain in 2019
  3. What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Law School

Other Places to Find Me


My main web presence is right here on Medium, but this year I’m also giving YouTube a try. It’s been a major step out of my comfort zone, but very fun. I hope you’ll check out my videos, and please make sure to subscribe!


This year, I also created a ko-fi page. This site is similar to Patreon, but it allows one-time tips instead of just recurring donations. If you love my writing and want to show support, now you can buy me a coffee.


I’m also on Twitter, but I’m not very active there. I use it more to read what others post than to post much myself. However, you can find my profile here.

My Favorite Things

Finally, just for fun, let me leave you with a list of a few of my favorite things. Maybe we’ve got some in common? Let me know if we do!

I’m a lawyer and teacher from North Carolina. I write about sobriety, mental health, running, and more. Buy me a “coffee” at ko-fi.com/benyaclark.

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