Free Feedback for Medium Writers

Want to grow on Medium? Let me help!

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Important Notes

  • I’ll be pulling up your profile in my feedback videos, so please only request feedback if you’re okay with that.
  • This is completely, 100% free. I’m just doing it because it’s a fun way to help newer Medium writers. I owe a lot to the Medium community, and this is my way to give back.
  • The feedback is geared towards being constructive, so I won’t necessarily be patting you on the back a lot, but I’m also not going to be a jerk about it. This is about building writers up, not tearing them down.
  • There’s no deadline on this. I’ll keep providing feedback as long as anyone keeps asking for it. However, it can sometimes take me a couple of weeks to get back to you, so please be patient!

I’m a lawyer and teacher from North Carolina. I write about sobriety, mental health, running, and more. Buy me a “coffee” at

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