Want to Grow on Medium? Let Me Help!

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Update 1/15/2021: The livestream is now over. You can watch the recording here. Thanks to everyone who asked for feedback! I hope it helped!

Original post below:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I could do to help new writers grow on Medium.

There are already thousands of great posts about how to succeed here. However, in my opinion, nothing beats personalized feedback. So, that’s exactly what I’m offering, for free.

On Friday, January 15th, at 6:00 PM EST (tomorrow/today depending on when you’re reading this), I’m going to host a livestream on my YouTube channel in which I provide personalized advice about how to grow on Medium.

For anyone who wants it, I’ll take a look at your Medium profile and stories, then give you clear, honest feedback. Again, this is completely free.

I really think this is a great opportunity for anyone who is new to Medium or struggling to grow on the platform!

If you want feedback, the first step is to leave a reply to this post so that I can look over your profile ahead of time. Then, just show up to the livestream on my channel on Friday at 6:00 PM EST.

Even if you don’t want feedback, you are still welcome to come watch and ask questions!

A Few Notes:

  • You’re welcome to request feedback even if you can’t watch live. I’ll keep a recording of the stream on my channel so that you can watch later. Priority goes to those who are watching live, but I’ll do my best to get to everyone.
  • My guess is that only a couple of people will take me up on this, so I should be able to spend plenty of time on everyone. If tons of people ask for feedback, I can’t promise I’ll get to everyone, but I will try my absolute best.
  • Please note that I’ll be pulling up your profile on the livestream, so please don’t request feedback unless you’re okay with that.


  • Is this really free? Yes, completely.
  • Why am I doing this? 90% just to be nice. I owe a lot to the Medium community: It’s helped me improve as a writer, learn tons of new things, and make plenty of money through the partner program. I want to pay that forward and help newer writers grow. The other 10% of my motivation is to promote my new YouTube channel. (Although I’ve been planning to do this long before I launched that channel.)
  • What are my qualifications? I’ve been writing on Medium for over two years and do fairly well here. I’m not one of the very top writers on the platform, but I do average over 1,500 views a day and make over $40 a day through the partner program. Also, I’ve got experience as an associate editor of a top law review, as a reader for a literary magazine, and as a teacher, all of which I think will help me to help you.
  • Am I going to be mean? No. My aim is to give constructive feedback, but I won’t be rude about it.

I’m a lawyer and teacher from North Carolina. I write about sobriety, mental health, running, and more. Buy me a “coffee” at ko-fi.com/benyaclark.

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