I’m Releasing Some of My Most Popular Sobriety Articles Under the Creative Commons License

You can now use these articles for nearly any purpose, without paying a dime.

Benya Clark
3 min readJun 2, 2023
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The Announcement

I have a fun announcement today: I’m releasing a handful of my old sobriety articles under a Creative Commons license. This means that although I’ll maintain my copyright, I’m allowing everyone in the world the opportunity to use these old articles for nearly anything they want.

If you have a newsletter about recovery and want to include one of these articles, go for it. If you’re writing a book about sobriety and want to put one of these essays in it, now you can. These are just a couple of ideas, but feel free to use them for whatever you’d like.

The specific license that they are under is CC BY 4.0. Make sure to read the full details here.

In brief, there are only two rules:

  • You must provide proper attribution (my name, a link to the original article, a link to the license, and notice of any changes).
  • You can’t imply that I endorse you or your specific use of the work.

Aside from that, you really do have free rein. You can use these articles for commercial…



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