What New Medium Writers Need to Know

Everything that I wish I knew when I started writing on Medium

Benya Clark


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I started writing on Medium over a year and a half ago. For the most, part this site is extremely intuitive and easy to use, but there are a lot of things about writing here that I wish I had learned earlier. Below is everything that I can think of that I wish someone had told me when I first joined the site.

If you’re new to writing on Medium, or even just thinking about starting to write here, this post is for you. I hope that even seasoned Medium writers will learn at least one or two new things as well.

1. Formatting

If you highlight text Medium will give you a list of formatting options. Most are self-explanatory or can be figured out by testing them out. For example, the large “T” creates headings and the small “T” creates subheadings.

Titles and subtitles

If you create a heading at the top of your article, Medium will automatically format it into a title. If you create a subheading immediately below that, Medium will automatically format it to a subtitle. Take a look at the top of this article for an example of what that looks like.

Pull quotes

Medium has a formatting option for pull quotes. Just click the quote button on the formatting menu twice. Pull quotes are typically meant as visual features and should repeat a part of the article.

Pull quotes are typically intended to be visual features and should repeat a part of the article.

I’ve never liked pull quotes much even in magazines, and in my opinion, they really don’t work in an online format. Half your readers are likely reading on a phone, so pull quotes are more of an annoyance than an eye-catching feature.

If you spend much time on Medium though, you’ll notice that many writers use pull quotes to simply add emphasis. I think some of them just don’t know the intended use, and others know the original use but are adapting the formatting to their own needs. My suggestion would be to just avoid them entirely.



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